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Toy Fox Terrier Breeders


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My Toy Fox Terrier Breeding Program

by Marilee Thorsby / Thorsby Toy Fox Terriers Information


Marilee Thorsby's "My Toy Fox Terrier Breeding Program"My name is Marilee Thorsby.  I started breeding dogs about nine years ago. My first breeds were rescues...mutts and poodles. I love all dogs and grew up with a pack of dachshunds and a Kerry Blue Terrier.


I became interested in my first "real breed" when my son Guy turned 14 and started shopping for a puppy. He found the Toy Fox Terrier.


My first dogs were pet quality Toy Fox Terriers. Until recently all were still living with me in their ripe old age. On July 5th, three days after her 14th birthday, my first toy fox terrier passed away. Although she could not see, hear or smell, she stayed happily on her favorite cushion in the kitchen. She would manage to always know when breakfast or dinner was being served and awoke to stand next to me to make sure that she was not overlooked. She loved wandering outside along the fence but barely made it to the back yard before everyone else had headed back to the house.


My older male still acts like a puppy...Never goes out without a toy or ball in his mouth. He still opens the Christmas presents that are wrapped for him and moves around the house without much trouble even though we think that he cannot see very well either. However, he no longer climbs the stairs to drop the ball so that he can run down the stairs to catch it.


There was not just a single characteristic that drew me into this breed. I liked everything about them. The toy characteristics and the terrier traits as well. From Ch. Hugely Handsome O'BJ Toy Fox Terriers O'BJ to the true free flowing movement of the well balanced terrier traits.


I have strived for excellent, flat top-lines with deep chests and good reach accompanied by nice angulated hind quarters that push and drive the front. In other words I have been breeding for a well balanced dog. I have strived for this and yet have tried not to produce dogs that are not too big nor too small. It is still difficult to get a uniform size in one litter. My breeding program is focused on all of these aspects while still maintaining correct movement.


Daryleen showing "Vance"  Ch. Thorsbys Cash AdvanceDr. Ralph and Daryleen Rascati (pictures right) were my first mentors. When they saw the puppies from my first litter, they immediately commented on one male. This puppy turned out to be Ch. Thorsby’s Cash Advance "Vance". The Rascatis showed Vance for me as most shows conflicted with my work schedule but one show in Perry, Georgia was close enough to home to go to see. It was the Perry show that sparked my interest in showing dogs and where I first saw a lot of great Toy Fox Terriers, and got to see Ch. Hugely Handsome O’BJ move around the ring.


Vance was my first show dog. Every time I went to a dog show, I loved watching my dogs but could not develop the passion for showing dogs further until my sons graduated from high school and college. Only then could I afford to show my Toy Fox Terriers.


Now “Finest Fella”, Gr. Ch. Hugely’s Finest Fella O’BJ is the new dog on the block. He has achieved his Grand Championship and is being shown by Carol Pyrkosz.  We don't do much advertising but the one below was to commemorate his first Group First win.


Finest Fella was also AOM at the 2011 Toy Fox Terrier Club of America National Specialty shows and he drew a lot of attention from other exhibitors so we are thrilled with the start of his specials career.


I think the primary problems in the Toy Fox Terrier today are size and movement.  Many are either too large or too small.  Toy Fox Terriers should have substance in build but not be frail like some toy dogs.  And few of the Toy Fox Terriers shown today have correct movement. You want that terrier drive in rear and reach in front...not stiff movement or wrist breaking movement.


It is desirable to have a good neck and shoulders that mold down to a flat top line. The neck and head should set properly and not be goose necked. The Toy Fox Terrier should have a decent ribcage but not a barrel chest. Breeders should be careful not to produce skinny or shallow chested dogs.


Any stud dog that you are considering to use for your breeding program should carry excellent terrier traits in their background. That is why I chose Ch. Hugely Handsome O’BJ to refine my breeding goals.


THORSBY'S TOY FOX TERRIERS - Gr Ch. Thorsbys Hugely's Finest Fella O'BJ - Handled by Carol PyrkoszIn addition, you should pick good sound brood bitches that are healthy and well-balanced. My foundation females  from Dot Jacobs and Dianna James are perfect examples of sound brood bitches. They are very good in the whelping box as well as bringing forward excellent genetic traits.  They don't have to have been shown, in fact, they do better if they are stay at home dogs. Pick bitches that have some of the good qualities that you want and breed to the dog that has the best qualities that you want.


My current Breeding goals are as follows: Soundness, adherence to the breed standard, health, reaching out to the best homes to ensure fertility, temperament (terrier attitude) and breed character.  Toy Fox Terriers have a very broad breed standard but the judges do the final determination of their likes and dislikes in the show ring.


I was lucky enough to have my first bitch replicate just about everything I was looking for in the males she was bred to. Don't try for the perfect litter. It takes time and patience to get what you are looking for sometimes.


Thorsby Toy Fox Terries welcomes you to visit and meet some of their extraordinary TFTs. Located in Georgia, we are always happy to chat and educate others about Toy Fox Terriers as well as discuss criteria for adoption or purchase.

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