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 Certified Breed  Representative


Are you qualified to represent your breed? If so, you can reach 1.2 million prospective dog owners in the world's FIRST dog-site.



The internet has exploded since launched in 1998,

so how do you compete with the commercial "puppies for sale" sites?


First, you need to reach the people who want a quality purebred.

We out-rank every dog-info source except AKC (Google Analytics stats)


1.3 million individual visitors logged in 2017

including AKC, UKC, and Rare Breed Judges


If approved as a Certified Breed Rep, you will be introduced

to over 24,000 subscribers in and

your breed will be featured on home page.


 our Media Dept. is committed to putting

Certified Breed Representatives

 at the top of search engine results!


If you have bred 3 (AKC or UKC) Champions and/or Top Producers,

you are eligible to become one of only three

Certified Breed Representatives for your breed


Choose the most convenient payment option

and check out with Visa, M/C or American Express


1 months trial term

special pricing


3 months

more than 20% discount


6 months

huge discount included



Upon payment you will receive a simple guide to assembling your info..

Our design editors will personally assist you in wording or photo selection.


Questions? call the NetPlaces Network Offices (800) 215-1178



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