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A Gay Man's Guide to Dogs

by Andrew DePrisco

Thanksgiving, for many in our sport, that's what this book is. This is a howl with delight, a hilarious, insightful "about time" book. Unordinary and extraordinary in every way, Woof! Invites gay men to become active, devoted dog owners, to share their everyday lives with their ideal canine companions.

Enjoy it yourself or choose it as an unusual Holiday gift for a friend.

  "This book is my dog bible, and DePrisco is my new heroine." - Joan Rivers
  "Really a book for anybody who loves to laugh while they learn.
  Authoritative and touching ... I highly recommend it." Dr Marty Becker, resident veterinarian on Good Morning America
  "Wickedly funny and highly informative." Allan Reznick, editor-in-chief, Dog Word and Dogs In Review

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Personally reviewed by Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher, Journalist