Editor's Choice -  A tell-all at under $10, this e-book documents two decades of toxins in our food supply and the adverse effects that especially attack children and pets. 




The Harming

A Food Supply Drugged From Farm To Fork

by Nel Liquorman


A tell all story of two decades of toxins in our food supply.  This book is dedicated to Barbara J. Andrews, Editor of, who has published my articles for the last decade, and encouraged me to write this book about toxins in the food chain.


Not only am I thankful to my animal-owning friends and professional investigators, but to all my cats that I have owned over so many years.  The pass-through drugs that were in the poultry and meat supply affected my cats in the same manner that they affected dogs and livestock.


Processors used toxins that stayed in the meat and poultry, adding more problems for them.  But... without seeing the affects of what was happening directly to my cats, I would have never gotten so far in my research and writing about the food chain.  So I owe Huey and Ruby big time!!!


We the people have a right to know what is in our food and where our food originated.  Many things have gone on behind the backs of consumers for long enough.


I researched and investigated many things, and have some first-hand knowledge.  Telling consumers is the right thing to do.  So far, there has been little interest by most media, but hopefully my "little reveal" will help them see the light!


This 82 page book is available through Amazon for $8.99 and can be viewed on any device using the kindle app.  Click the book cover or click here for your copy today!

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Personally reviewed by Barbara J. Andrews, Journalist, AKC Master Breeder, SAAB Member


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