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Pet Food Nation by Joan Weiskopf

The timeliest dog book in years!  Released July 5th, it’s accurately subtitled “What Your Pets Wish You Knew About Pet Food.”  The author addresses the recent pet food debacle from a non-hysterical position, providing easy solutions to providing healthy, natural food for your pets. 


Joan Weiskopf attended Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, and is a show dog breeder and handler.  She’s also a realist who knows cooking for your pet could be time-consuming or complicated.  Joan gives the reader easy recipes, prepare-ahead tips and objective info on commercial pet foods. 


Joan cooks for her six Bedlington Terriers twice a day.  Whipping up the balanced dishes is easy to do, even for the busiest owner.  A nationally recognized veterinary clinical nutritionist, she relies on ordinary ingredients like fresh veggies, chicken or hamburger that you probably already have on hand.  When Animal Planet filmed at her home, the crew was amazed as she sautéed chicken gizzards at 6 A.M.  “Do you really do that?” they asked.  She laughed.  “Of course I do, every morning.”


Best foods for your breed are especially interesting but recipes for pets with life-threatening disease are, like the special feline kidney disease diet, invaluable!  One wonders why they are so rarely covered in pet literature.


Try this recipe from the book.  Adjust portion for your dog’s size.  This is 2 servings for a 20 pound dog.  You probably have the ingredients on hand.


Fish and Oats

3 cups cooked oatmeal

1 cup fish (mackerel, salmon, whiting, sardine – canned salmon or sardines are ok)

1 cup of green beans (fresh or frozen)

½ tsp. eggshell powder (she tells you how to make this ingredient and store it)


How hard is that?  But remember, just as you and I like variety, dogs do too!  PET FOOD NATION provides do-able solutions.  The readable font size and “digestible” information guarantee this book a place in every pet owner’s library – or kitchen!


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Personally reviewed by Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher, Journalist