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DOG BOOKS REVIEWED BY THEDOGPLACE EDITORFrom Canine Nutrition to Orthopedic Disorders, this section is Born To Win your devotion to the best in dog books  and Solve The Mysteries for the dog lover in everyone.


Breeding Is A Bitch

The absolute best reference book on dog breeding.  It is in easy-reach in this editor's library and you will find it quoted throughout the NetPlaces Network.  If you breed, you need it!


How Much Is That Doggie

The smart buyers guide to finding the perfect puppy!  By TheDogPress columnist, David Arthur


Books at features The Total German Shepherd Dog by Fred LantingThe Total German Shepherd Dog

by All-breed and SV judge, Schutzhund specialist. (Sold out Sept. 2018)


Orthopedic Disorders

Canine Hip Dysplasia and Other Orthopedic Disorders, by Mr. Lanting


Born To Win

Breed To Succeed, by master breeder and AKC Judge Patricia Craige Trotter, is the key to unlocking breeding success.


Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type

AKC Judge Richard Beauchamp's concepts will make you a better breeder or more astute judge.


Best In Show

by Bo Bengtson - Over 600 photos and notes on people and dogs, this work belongs on every dog fancier's shelf.


Woof! An "Unordinary" book

Delightful, insightful and wickedly funny, Woof! invites gay men to be dog owners.


Pet Food Nation

“What Your Pets Wish You Knew About Pet Food” is easy recipes, special diets, etc.


The Shiloh Shepherd Story

Tina Barber dedicated her life to creating the perfect protector and companion.


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Conflict: Life, Love and War

Editor's Choice Jan 2019 - A tale of two men whose lives bear eerie similarities and striking differences as well as pre-existing elements of conflict and struggle.


The Harming

A tell-all at under $10, this Kindle e-book documents two decades of toxins in our food supply and the adverse effects that especially attack children and pets.


Collected Poems

Beautifully bound, hundreds of pages, by Fred Lanting, an original work offered at special pricing through the NetPlaces Network.


Miniature Bull Terrier

95 pages hardcover, by Founding President of the MBT Club Of America who by request, will personally autograph your copy! More info-Purchase



First 100 Miniature Bull Terrier Champions

A two-volume Limited Edition by Valerie Allenden. Imported from the U.K. the books list number of litters sired, progeny produced, CC wins, pedigree, owners, etc. More Info - Purchase Here

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Dog Poetry Booklets

Dog Show Group Judge E. Katie Gammill captures real life in vivid cameos of people and experiences in this Poetry collection.


Mark Of The Beast

by Dr. Patricia Jordan - The easy-to-read details will chill you with facts on vaccine-induced disease.


Demo, a junkyard dog

The villain-turned-hero is a book you and your children will read and re-read.


Come Back, Como

challenges Marley on the Best Seller Lists!  This little shelter mutt makes people more human.


Badge On My Collar

Among Amazon’s 2007 Best 100 animal books, chronicles police dog heroics.


If I Ran The Dog Show

To raise a new generation of participants, we must expose children to the sport of purebred dogs.


Teach the importance of reading to your child.KID'S PLACE,


A great place to instill the pleasure of reading between parent and child.  It's also a great place for kids and dogs to learn respect for rules, schedules and so much more...



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