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The Smart Buyer's Guide To Finding That Perfect Puppy


by David J. Arthur


One of the top writers for, David Arthur takes readers, from long-time breeders to first time puppy shoppers, through the pitfalls (and excitement) of finding a puppy. Here's authoritative help on matching breed and puppy to the buyer's home life.

The book presents a number of steps in the purchasing process to help overcome the hurdles the average pet buyer encounters. The Guide to Finding That Perfect Puppy should be in the hands of every puppy buyer before they buy! The author has been breeding (Standard Poodles), exhibiting, training, and judging dogs for more than twenty five years.

David Arthur is a United Kennel Club conformation judge who exhibits in both the UKC and American Kennel Club (AKC) shows. He is also a contributor to The Poodle Room and other online resources for dog fanciers.  Click to purchase on Amazon


Personally reviewed by Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher, Journalist