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Breeding Is A Bitch

A reference book on dog breeding

review by Barbara J. Andrews, Journalist, AKC Master Breeder


Breeding Is A Bitch - A reference book on dog breeding - ORDER your copy TODAY!

This hardcover, 310 page, full color book, authored by Dr. Kurt De Cramer, is aptly titled but it is also an easy-read reference work on dog breeding.


Unlike most books of this size, the insight and sometimes humorous approach is appreciated by long-time breeders and engrossing for novice breeders. Likewise, the cover image marries humor and science. But make no mistake, this book takes dog breeding very seriously and it chock-full of rich scientific content.


Veterinarians will broaden their knowledge on dog breeding and be better able to meet the expectations of their dog breeding clients.


There is an impressive collection of images which graphically illustrate what might otherwise be hard to grasp topics.


The book is non-breed specific and yet applicable to all breeds. I assure you that this book will be of value to dog breeders, and best of all, it is written by a reproductive specialist with hands on experience.


Even so, it also covers nutrition and health, with emphasis on factors that affect breeding soundness of the stud and bitch. It covers genital diseases, pregnancy, lactation, whelping (caesarean and natural) artificial insemination, fertility problems, neonatal disease and puppy survival in addition to basic and advanced canine genetics. This book will not disappoint even the well-read avid dog breeder. It is truly in a league of its own and will leave the reader with a feel good experience about dog breeding.


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