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Born To Win - Breed To Succeed

by Patricia Craige-Trotter


BORN TO WIN - Breed To Succeed by Patricia Craige TrotterThe fourth title in the Kennel Club PRO Series by Kennel Club Books, Born to Win: Breed to Succeed by world-famous Norwegian Elkhound breeder and dog show judge Patricia Craige-Trotter is a must for the serious breeder.


Pat Trotter’s Vin-Melca bloodline is in my opinion, one of the most consistent in any breed; recognizable as her breeding in nothing but a photo! That attention to detail, genetics, and Pat's breeding magic has also made her the most successful owner-handler-breeder in the history of the sport in America.  She has won the Hound Group at the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show ten times with her own homebred Elkhounds.


Born to Win was originally published by Doral Publishing in 1997 and this new, second edition has been expanded and published with beautiful color photography.


I've admired Pat's achievements and consistency of type for over 30 years. Now she has shared the secrets of her tremendous success. This book belongs on ever serious breeder's bookshelf and has a prominent place in my library!


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Reviewed by Barbara J. Andrews, AKC Master Breeder of over 230 AKC Champions, author and publisher, SAAB Member

Copyright 2009


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